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Welcome to Queer Surrogacy! We understand that navigating the world of surrogacy can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially for LGBTQ+ individuals and couples. To help address common questions and concerns, we've compiled this FAQ section to provide you with clear answers and guidance. Whether you're considering surrogacy as a path to parenthood or seeking information as a potential surrogate, we're here to support you every step of the way.

For Intended Parents

General Questions

  • Who is Queer surrogacy?

    • Queer Surrogacy matches healthy, dependable, and loving Gestational Carriers with our Intended Parents. We offer an inclusive and warm matching service, ensuring our clients feel seen and heard. Not only is our agency advocacy-based, but it is Queer owned and operated, which allows us to connect and advocate through first-hand experience and genuine empathy. 

  • What are the different types of surrogacy?

    • Traditional: An individual who carries and delivers a baby for another person or couple and is biologically linked to the baby. This can also be known as a traditional surrogate. This term is often used interchangeably with "gestational carrier." 

    • Gestational: An individual who carries and delivers a baby for another person or couple and is not biologically linked to the baby. The industry standard is changing to accept gestational carrier as the proper term, replacing "surrogate" when appropriate. 

  • How do I start the surrogacy process?

    • To start the process, contact our agency to schedule an initial consultation. We will guide you through the steps, including medical evaluations, legal agreements, and matching with a gestational carrier or intended parents.

  • How are matches between gestational carriers and intended parents made?

    • Matches are made based on mutual preferences, values, and expectations. Other things that can be considered are location, common interests. Both parties are given the opportunity to meet and agree before proceeding.

  • What kind of support is available during the surrogacy journey?

    • We offer comprehensive support, including counseling, support groups among gestational carriers and intended parents, and access to experienced professionals to help navigate the emotional and physical aspects of surrogacy.

For Gestational Carriers

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Legal and Ethical Considerations

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