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Welcome to Queer Surrogacy, an 
advocacy-focused agency 

Matching LGBTQ+ intended parents with LGBTQ+ gestational carriers and surrogates

What We Believe

We are dedicated to matching LGBTQ+ parents with LGBTQ+ gestational carriers through advocacy-focused services. We create a safe and discrimination-free journey to parenthood operating with empathy, compassion, and love. With our unwavering commitment, Queer Surrogacy will set the industry standards by removing barriers to ensure LGBTQ+ identities are welcome and celebrated in all surrogacy spaces.

What We Offer

We provide LGBTQ+ individuals a caring and judgment-free journey through surrogacy while removing barriers of discrimination and making the dreams of parenthood come true.

How we differ from other agencies:

Queer Surrogacy works exclusively with: 

  • LGBTQIA+ couples and indivduals

  • Mixed-orientation couples

  • Single parents and single individuals

  • Transgender folks

  • Non-binary folks

  • Or anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+


You have a home with Queer Surrogacy!​

The Queer Surrogacy Difference:

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
1. What We Do:

​As highlighted earlier, Queer Surrogacy provides an advocacy-focused approach to family planning for LGBTQ+ individuals. They ensure that medical providers and legal counsel are vetted for cultural competency, creating a safe space for all involved in the surrogacy process​

We seek to highlight and empower our LGBTQIA+ Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers!

We partner with queer lawyers, psychologists, medical providers, and anyone involved in the family planning journey. These individuals are vetted by our LGBTQ+ team and are knowledgeable and excited about your journey. 

Queer, Black, and Trans Owned

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General Questions?
Leave us a message.

We look forward to connecting to you.


Thank you!​

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